which are the snakes?

Snakes are reptiles (Class Reptilia) belonging to the order Squamata (suborder Serpentes), with an elongated cylindrical body and devoid of limbs, small or large, with varied sizes ranging from 10 cm (blind snakes) to 10 m (boas and pythons). They are ectothermic (sometimes mistakenly called "cold blood"), which means that its internal temperature varies with the temperature of the medium. The head can be cylindrical, triangular or flattened, the eyes do not have eyelids and shed their skin more than once a year.

types of snakes?

common viper Reptile snake, the viperids Family (Vipera aspis), large head, flattened, heart-shaped, thick trunk and reddish brown coloration, Beige and black, on fondogris. It is located in southwestern Europe.
horned viper Reptile snake, the viperids Family (Aspis cerastes), which owns the two corneas regionsuperciliar formations that look like two horns. It is found in Africa and OrienteProximo.